Re: toilet overflowing for 2 hours
Posted by Bob Doerfler on December 13, 2002 at 20:51:55:
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I feel your pain and know of an appliance that detects and stops toilet overflows. You will no longer worry about water damage from extensive overflows. As you have experienced, an overflow combined with an open flapper will continue to put an endless amount of water on your floors. I coincidentally distribute this new overflow appliance. If you are interested you can contact me at This appliance is simple to install and insures you from any reoccuring water damage bills that you have already expirienced. I am excited about this new product becuase I know you are not alone with this problem. Purchasing 1 unit will cost $79.00, which is very reasonable considering what it does for you. It will also detect an open flapper and interupt/stop the water flow instead of allowing the water to run indefinately (saving you considerable water and money). Contact me for more. Best Regards, Bob

: I need some quick information. Would a faulty "flapper" that remained open in the tank cause a clogged toilet to continuously run over the bowl and flood the house with hundreds of gallons of water? Situation is: The toiled became clogged after flushing, and occupants didn't know it, and the water ran over the bowl for hours and flooded the house. I need to know what would cause this to continue to overflow. I thought that if it would be clogged, you'd only lose the water in the bowl and tank. Please help this is a serious situation! Thanks

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