Re: how to vent mud-sink in front of a window - HELP MEEeeee....
Posted by Casman on December 13, 2002 at 17:50:57:
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: : You can use a devise called "Vent Check" and not have to connect to the vent stack. They are very effective for a sink. Just run a vent pipe up inside the wall above the sink level, stick on a threaded female adapter, and screw the Vent Check into that. Very cheap and available at any plumbing supply.

: I think i know what you are talking about. there is only about 36" from the floor to the window sill. I guess that means roughly 31.5 inches of space there. whould i just send the drain into the wall as low as possible - still having clearance for the trap - hit a T in the wall and have the "Vent Check" installed on the top of the T? is that enough room?

: if not, we are thinking of replacing the window with a shorter one that is mounted higher up. we would probably have enough space then. if that is the case, i will just stub it out for now. install the sink when we get ready to replace the window.

: thx in advance,
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I used one of these gizmos, called a studor vent for my sink under a window and have had no problems, we put the thing as high up underneath the sink as we could get it.....

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