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Posted by dave on December 13, 2002 at 01:25:46:
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: I recently had a plumber/thief come roto-root my sewer pipe. He took 1 hour and charged me $175. If you want $175/hr, you damn well better be operating on my heart or brain.

: I'm an attorney, from now on, any plumber, or any other contractor rip-off artist, will be paying double my going rate.

There seems to be somewhat of a misunderstanding here. You feel that you were overcharged for an hour of work. Do you realize how many years of experience it takes to make a good plumber? You also have travel time both to your house and back, it takes money to operate a work vehicle, supplies and yes the equipment may have been paid for, but it will have to be replaced. If tradespeople cannot get a decent price for a job, they cannot pay their help, their overhead and make a profit, yes that is why they do it, they do not do it for their health. Everything is expensive these days, no matter what it is, your analagy that someone who works with their hands and not their mouth is not worth as much, really kind of smells. You do not say where you are from, the rates do vary across the county, you also do not say what you charge for your work, everything is relative. The reason that poor guy had to charge so much is that he had to pay for the expensive work truck and the expensive insurace to cover the work truck, the expensive health insurance for that employee, all of these things which are way to high priced because of all the blood sucking lawyers in this country charging to high of prices for doing nothing but creating lawsuits so that they can get rich and pay the high price plumbers.

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