Re: Plumber Rip-offs
Posted by Casman on December 12, 2002 at 11:24:03:
In response to Re: Plumber Rip-offs

: : Hey pisser, you did get an estimate in advance didn't you? It's a contracts 101 thing, you've heard of fee agreements and retainers right, your supposed to be up on this sh**it! Go back to school and try paying attention, since you don't like paying anything else....

: one lawyer you know that can balance his check book much less understand accounting principles.........these guys are nothing more than 3 1/2 year wonders in zoot suits........

gw.....Ya its true, this pisser guy gives lawyers a bad rap, as a practical matter, there are a lot of bad lawyers out there, bad in the sense of charging a client say 1,500 for an OUIL, going to court once, taking a plea without even bothering to look at the court file (evidence) and running to the bank. I'm a michigan attorney and unfortunately, even I don't like most lawyers. My point was you should know upfront approx cost of services. This alleged lawyer made it sound like he had no idea how much this would cost. So he hires this guy without knowing an amount and then bitches about it after, claiming he's gonna pass the cost on to his unsuspecting clients.

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