Bathroom exhaust fan water in duct problem
Posted by Jay DeVivo on December 11, 2002 at 17:36:01:
We recently moved into our new ranch in a very windy location in upstate New York. Both baths have exhaust fans that vent to our 7/12 pitched roof. Early on we noticed some water dripping from the colder sided bathroom vent. I adjusted the plastic duct so there was a slight arch, thinking it was a little condensation.

It's winter now and I went up to the attic to check on them and dumped some water into the less colder side bathroom through the vent (bummer). Didn't short anything electrically but there still water in there that needs to come out.

Even worse I found that the other duct is frozen solid with water.

Do we have a solution that keeps water from coming in through the vent. Did my contractor skimp somewhere.

What should I do? Thanks ahead of time for any help.


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