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Posted by hj on December 10, 2002 at 23:14:03:
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My office is my office. As soon as I start the truck you are on the hook for the minimum charge. The minimum charge is one hour including the time it takes to get to your house. If you want to pay less call someone who lives near you. If you want to deal with "flat rate" plumbers then they will charge you the same as the person who has a harder job. I don't flat rate, because a job can take one hour or it can take 10 hours like one last week. If you don't like a $175.00 bill you would hate a $1,400.00 one. But since the average "bad" customer will be a doctor or a lawyer, you apparently are average. Which is not to say all doctors and lawyers are cheapskates, just that cheapskates are often doctors or lawyers.

: Yes, I charge when I go to court, because if I were not going to court I would be working in my office. I do not charge to drive to my office. My home is your office. You act like you're doing someone a big favor by driving to their home to make a house-call. When is the last time someone brought you a sewer main to your house to clean out for them??? Your analogy is a silly one. You want to try again? I'm not paying for you to drive around in your truck drinking beer. Come to my house and do your job and leave - charge me a reasonable fee for the job you do at my house. ...And you people sit around and whine about others in your industry who give a person a fair deal - more power to them for not joining your little plumbing mafia.

: How much would I charge to snake your pipes - $25,000 - because I have not chosen to play in that crap. You did choose to do so, so don't act like you're doing anyone any favors by doing so.

: As for the rest of you, when I get a literate reponse, I will respond in kind.

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