Re: Plumber Rip-offs
Posted by PW on December 10, 2002 at 15:55:17:
In response to Re: Plumber Rip-offs
I am not a plumber, but I have been self employed for years. In addition I handled the time billing for one of the largest law firms in Philadelphia for years. Having been involved at that level I very well know how and what an attorney bills for, so forget trying to blow smoke.

In fact by your writing style, I doubt your status as an attorney, possibly a wantabe. There are times it is better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and prove it to the world.

If one were to take your logic, an experienced attorney should charge well under that of a newly barred attorney as most of his experience is old and probably outdated, aside from the fact that he probably made enough money while he was learning the ropes and not worth higher wages.

Personally I think you were under charged!

: I recently had a plumber/thief come roto-root my sewer pipe. He took 1 hour and charged me $175. If you want $175/hr, you damn well better be operating on my heart or brain.

: I'm an attorney, from now on, any plumber, or any other contractor rip-off artist, will be paying double my going rate.

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