Re: Plumber Rip-offs
Posted by Mad Plumber on December 10, 2002 at 14:21:52:
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: Who's paying you to drive anywhere. Pissed

So Pissed, are you saying yur too cheap to pay for peoples time? Are you poor or something?
There are welfare programs you can sign up for ya know.
Lot's of us donate to people that cant pay.
If you don't have money, just let us know in the beginnin.

I could still be sleeping. Pissed

You want to sleep your day away? Don't you like working? Me, I always knew what I wanted to do. I like fixing things. Sounds like you like sleeping. Is that why you stayed in school so long? How many years did it take you? Is work hard for you?
What TV shows do you like? Any good daytime shows?

Im a laywer, A monkey could do it. Pissed

Pissed, Is your job so easy a monkey could do it? These are things I want to know. I like fixing things, so maybe your job would seem boring. I don't like to argue a lot. Maybe some, but not as much as a lawyer. I don't get paid to argue anyway.
If you make everyone mad, and they don't get along, do you get paid more?
Is this your enjoyment?

I do lot's of work for lawyers, they are some of my best customers. I think maybe you aren't a lawyer. You sound too grumpy to be one.

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