Re: Plumber Rip-offs
Posted by Terry Love on December 10, 2002 at 13:08:45:
In response to Re: Plumber Rip-offs

Another way to look at this, would be,
Add the half hour drive time to your house.
That makes it 1.5 hours.
Add renting the snake at $45 per time,
Adding pick up and drop off of the snake.
Factor in how many years training it takes to learn the job.

Were you happy with the result?
Did he fix the problem?

I think plumbers are worth at least as much as lawyers and doctors.

Forget for a moment that you work as a lawyer, how much would you charge one your your clients to snake their "SEWER" line? Be truthfull, how much?
I'm very interested in finding out how much "you" would charge to personally snake a sewer line.

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