Re: Submersible Pump Pressure Drop
Posted by Gary Slusser on December 10, 2002 at 11:37:25:
In response to Re: Submersible Pump Pressure Drop
: : My submersible pump is set for 30/50 pounds at the pressure switch. The problem is that it turns on at
: : 30 pounds, then turns off at 50 - immediately when it turns off, the pressure drops 10 pounds to 40. Is
: : there some sort of check valve in the pump that isn't closing immediately when the pump turns off or
: : could it be something else? Thanks for any advice...

: Yes, all submersible pumps have a check valve in or on the outlet and either can fail. But, first check that the gauge and its nipple are not blocked with rust/dirt.

I should have added that you should check the air pressure in the pressure tank at the same time. You do that with no water in the tank and set it at 29-28 psi.

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