Re: mixet shower valve/HELP ME--I'M BURNING!
Posted by Connor on December 10, 2002 at 03:29:49:
In response to Re: mixet shower valve/HELP ME--I'M BURNING!
I have this SAME problem! I just moved into a new apartment and I can't figure out how to adjust the temp in my shower (I swear, I'm usually not this dumb).
This morning I was bright pink when I got out of the shower b/c the water was SO hot that it was burning me. I don't know what to do!

: My shower valve gives great pressure on full cold or full hot, but very weak when you try to get warm water, and a very small change in the temp handle is a huge change thermally. I have removed the limiting adjuster, but it changes nothing. It isn't the shower head since the tap does the same thing. This is the mixet fixture with a flow control knob and a temperature control handle. Thanks to anyone that might know something about this.

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