Re: bathroom sink wall discharge pipe
Posted by Gary Swart on December 09, 2002 at 17:25:55:
In response to Re: bathroom sink wall discharge pipe
You didn't say what kind of pipe, but since it deteriorated from age, I'd assume it is galvanized. Most likely, the piece that sheared off is a nipple that goes into a tee. While it might be possible to get the broken end out of the tee, it will be difficult to say the least. The simplest and quickest way in the long run is to cut a hole in the wall large enough to access the problem. Then you will have to remove the tee with the broken piece. To replace something like this in the middle of a line, the simplest way is with Fernco couplers. Just cut the pipe on both sides of the tee, make connections to new pieces with the Ferncos. Patch the wall and you're done.

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