Plumbing Advice - Bath Rework
Posted by John Summerfield on December 08, 2002 at 11:56:34:
I already bought the fixtures and I live in Houston. There is little available for you in way of a sale. Our home was built in 1979. We have a separate standing shower from a combination tub & shower. Both have major problems that I am repairing.

I am upgrading from simple to multiple fixture shower. I bought American Standard fixtures including a 3/4" balanced pressure-temperature control to supply three shutoff valves. One valve supplies two body sprays, one supplies the main shower and one for a hand-shower. The original hot and cold supplies were 1/2". There are several ways to handle the source. I could keep the 1/2" takeoff from the piping in the attic or modify the supply header with 3/4" connections. The attick fitting is in a tight area. Perhaps the easier installation is to run 3/4" near the original takeoff and use a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer to keep the 1/2" takeoffs. I understand that there would be excessive pressure drop but only at the attic fitting. Do you think that keeping the 1/2" takeoff would prove acceptable or should I replace the header takeoff with 3/4"?

The supplies will run to the pressure/temperature control with the outlet vertically up. I estimate that suitable locations for the two body sprays would have the lower fitting near 40" and upper fitting between 46-52". For the lower fixture and hand shower I am thinking about the time that someone might be wheelchair bound in the future. This places the shudoff valves for the shower somewhere around 48 to 54 inch. I plan a loop to supply the two body showers with equal pressure. Can the top of the loop be higher than the takeoff or is that a problem?

I would put the hand-shower shutoff valve at the same elevation as the body sprays for symetry with the main shower shutoff centered above. This would lead to the shower outlet fitting. I anticipate that fitting to be at least 75 inch - up to 88 inch if the ceiling is 8-foot. (I am out of town and will measure later). The higher elevation would permit one of the rain-type fixtures. However, if a goose-neck fitting were required for the rain-shower head it could interfere with the ceiling. The shower shutoff valve and outlet for the hand-shower could be around 60-inch.

I will mount the fixtures behind the green drywall and may use Hardy board over that. The shower interior will be 1/4" Corian. What issues do you see that have I missed for this installation , especially those that will cause grief in the future?

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