Hi, how can I be sure that the shower arm isn't leaking...
Posted by Phil on December 07, 2002 at 12:47:20:
...at the "tee" connection behind the tile? I just completed this job - about 20 minutes. Unscrewed the shower arm and head out, trimmed away some caulking and installed the new arm, escutchion, boot, and shower head. It works fine but I can't see into the hole once the arm is connected (to inspect for a leak at the "tee"). Are there any guidlines here? ...number of turns to seat the arm properly into the "tee" or elbow? Is a leak less likely her because of lack of pressure point or female fitting? Anything else? It would be stupid to do this job only to open up a leak and shower/tile job. Could you help? I've read a few posts on this and no one seems to bring up leak possibilities.
Thank you very much! Phil

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