Kitchen Sink Leak
Posted by Gerry on December 03, 2002 at 13:31:31:
I have a stainless steel kitchen sink. A contractor installed a new sink disposal. The disposal works fine, but the physical seal/connection between the "metal sink piece drain" and the disposal leaks all underneath the kitchen sink in light steady drops. If I disconnect the disposal from the original house plumbing pipes, they rest 1" apart from each other. So the contractor must have pushed them together to make the connection. Since the original house plumbing connects to the bottem of the disposal, it makes the top, which is connected to the sink, not seal/connect tightly. So when the sink has any amount of water in it, it is slipping through the seal between the "metal sink piece drain" and disposal.

To discribe the connection further, the disposal unit hangs underneath the drain of the sink, it is connected to a "metal sink piece drain" which slides in from the top of the sink down so the it is what is holding the disposal. At current, I can turn the disposal side to side ( if I disconnect the connection to the original house plumbing), "metal sink piece drain" doesn't seem to be secure in any way.

What should I do to stop the leaking?

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