drake vs carusoe
Posted by jody garsia on December 03, 2002 at 13:06:25:
We are interested in buying the Toto Drake because of the G-Max flushing system,but our bathroom is very small. Our house was built in 1932, The Drake would stick out about 1 1/2" more than our current toilet. This would hinder people circulation in our bathroom to and from the sink and tub.

We would prefer a round bowl toilet like the Carusoe since installed it would not stick out any further than our current round bowl toilet, and allow better traffic flow, but the Carusoe does not come with the G-Max. Is it still an excellent choice for this house with older plumbing?

Finally our budget can afford a Drake but not anything fancier. Can you help us?
Thank you.

Jody Stix Garsia

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