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Posted by Bob liana on December 02, 2002 at 21:27:22:
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: I have a Teledyne Lars furnace model #D-JVS-225H which takes up to 10 tries to fire up. The pilot lights,the furnace fires up then shuts down, lights again, shuts down etc. for up to 10 times. What is going on? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
: rtm
Hi Robert, first ,if your boiler's not vented properly or has an obstruction in the flue watch the burner compartment and see if the flame tries to come out of the fire box, there's a flame rollout switch mounted under the metal plate above the burners u have to get low to see it I believe the wire colors are purple and blue that go to it if u jump out the two wires and your boiler runs ok look for flame rollout or flue blockage ie; birds nest or insect nest etc. also there is an air pressure switch that reads if your flue induce draft motor does not come up to speed will not allow the boiler to lite disconnect the 4" flue pipe on the boiler and make sure that damper works freely above the induce draft motor if that hangs up that will cause your problem, also just remember all these items i mentioned are safety devices and are there to protect the bboilere from damage and/or causing problems if u have any doubts or don't understand what i've written u may be better off getting a heating mechanic to help u out to play it safe regards,Bob Liana

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