Eljer toilet flapper refuses to stay up during flush
Posted by Pete on December 02, 2002 at 14:01:46:
I bought a spec home two years ago and the builder put Eljer (aka JUNK) toilets in my house. The two upstairs work OK but I have one downstairs that has been causing me grief. I have a daylight basement, so I have a pump to get the waste from the downstairs toilet to the septic tank. The flapper that came with the tank degraded after only a year so I replaced it with a heavy duty red one. Yesterday I replaced it with a lighter duty black one hoping to solve the problem. Here is my problem. When I press the flush lever, the flapper is raised and the flush process starts. As soon as I let go, however, the flapped slams back down into the beginning position. I know this often happens if you don't push the lever down for about one second, but this happens no matter how long I hold down the lever. I watched the toilets upstairs and they have no problem in this department. I push the lever, the flapper comes up, the flapper stays up while the water goes down, the flapper goes down - normal. What is weird is in the one downstairs, the flapper is almost being sucked back into position. I just don't understand why it will not stay up like it is supposed to! Also - I do not think the flapper that came with the toilet worked well either. This toilet has always had this problem. Even when working the best it did, you still had to hold the lever for a good 3-4 seconds to get the water to go down.

Any advise would be great - thanks.

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