Central Heating, is my pump on the wrong way around?
Posted by Andy on November 30, 2002 at 13:50:28:
I really need help as it's dropped already to 5 degrees and my boiler won't ignite. All was fine last winter, but the system has not been used since. Recentley I removed 2 radiators to decorate and have now replaced them. Only now when I turn on the system do I realise I have problems. There seems to be an airlock, but I have drained the system and back filled, bleeding everything. Looking at diagrams in diy manuals it seems my pump is on the wrong way around, but how can this be if it worked fine last year? When opening the air vents above the pump they're dry and then there is a sudden gush of water, so I lock them back off. A few seconds later the water is pumped and the air vents are full of are air again, as if the pump is drawing water from them. Please can someone help, or is it my boiler that's faulty, although is fairly new.

Kindest Regards