Re: One more thing on Toto... this "SANAGLOSS" stuff
Posted by Terry Love on November 29, 2002 at 02:30:04:
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A nice feature of the Carlyle is the Sanagloss finish in the bowl. It is a nice upgrade.
The MS874114S is the old model, sold in gray($716.40 retail) and black($934.44 retail).

MS874114SG is the Sanagloss version, sold in whites($660.00 retail, beige and bone($759.50 retail).

To install a Carlyle, you will need the water supply to be 7" or more to the left of center.
If less than this, you will need to move it.

The Ultramax is an easier install in this regard.

Homeowners have given the Ultramax and the Carlyle high marks.

If you have the space and the money, the Carlyle is a good choice.

: I was really trying to avoid the MS874114SG (SG for SanaGloss) issue, but it's $100 cheaper than the vitreous china model, MS874114S. I just watched a video (nice video actually) specifically made to educate about this innovation. I thought it was just meant to save money, a cheaper production, but they're touting it as cleaner and a better flush. I think the latter is silly, but their dye-demonstration really hits home, bigtime.
: Terry, in your experience, is SanaGloss kosher? A good choice? I see that you actually sell the SanaGloss version. Thanks for your input.

: The video:

: (for those of you on a dial-up modem, change the number "100" to "56" when you paste the url into your browser of choice)

: Scotty

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