One more thing on Toto... this "SANAGLOSS" stuff
Posted by Scott Greenwald on November 29, 2002 at 01:47:09:
I was really trying to avoid the MS874114SG (SG for SanaGloss) issue, but it's $100 cheaper than the vitreous china model, MS874114S. I just watched a video (nice video actually) specifically made to educate about this innovation. I thought it was just meant to save money, a cheaper production, but they're touting it as cleaner and a better flush. I think the latter is silly, but their dye-demonstration really hits home, bigtime.
Terry, in your experience, is SanaGloss kosher? A good choice? I see that you actually sell the SanaGloss version. Thanks for your input.

The video:

(for those of you on a dial-up modem, change the number "100" to "56" when you paste the url into your browser of choice)


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