Glacier Bay Faucets - Kitchen Hi Arc Series 200
Posted by Janet on November 28, 2002 at 02:12:39:
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I actually bought a GB faucet a year ago for my bathroom and it's worked fantastic. I did have a little problems because some gunk from my old water heater broke off and it got stuck in the little spout netting. I just took the netting off and Voila - everything worked again. The one I bought was the lever handled ones and I just purchased a GB Kitchen Faucet - the High Arc - Two Handle (lever handles) with a 360 Spout. Because it is one of the least expensive units at Home Depot, I'm only looking for it to last a few years until I can get one one those gorgeous brushed chrome ones.

Frankly though I like the design of this one much better and it is VERY simple. I learned to stay away from the one handle things when I was a kid as I always burned myself to easily. Also now that I'm older and have problems with my hands the lever ones are great. I maintain that sometimes the more simple units are normally the ones that CAN outlast some of the real snazzy ones.

I will add that the Canadian Home Depots only have a few models of GB Faucets for Kitchen and only a few for the Bathroom. The rest are Moen and the like...

However, I'd like to know your experience with this model if you own one.

The one I have is actually made in China (as opposed to Taiwan). This one also has the CSA,ANSI,UPC and IAPMO approvals. Perhaps the ones that come to Canada may have to go through some different tests or something.

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