Wet Venting
Posted by RJ on November 27, 2002 at 18:37:21:
I have a 1st floor bathroom and planning to add two 2nd floor bathrooms above the 1st floor bath. The 1st floor vent is currently 3" and services a toilet, sink, and shower/tub on the 1st floor.

Question: Can the 1st floor vent be used to drain the shower/tub, clothes washer, and floor drain located on the 2nd floor? These 2nd floor fixtures are closest to this vent.

Also, I plan to use a separate drain/vent stack for back2back toilets, back2back sinks, 1 shower, and 1 whirlpool tub for two 2nd floor bathrooms located on another wall.

Should I proceed or should I tie all 2nd floor fixtures to a 2nd stack.

Long Beach, CA

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