Re: Installing tub on concrete
Posted by Terry Love on November 27, 2002 at 12:45:35:
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: We are finishing a full bathroom on a concrete slab where the PVC waste plumbing is already roughed in.

: Unfortunately the tub drain is not set down in a well - does this mean we have to raise the tub on a platform to fit the drain underneath?

Where is the drain?

: The toilet waste has no room around it to get the closet flange over it unless it too remains above the concrete floor. So the toilet may also have to be raised - unless you can get flanges which go inside the drain rather than outside.

If you have a 4" pipe stubbed up, you can glue a flange into the inside of the pipe. They make some like that. I don't know if the homecenters carry them.
If you have a 3" pipe, you can chip out concrete around the pipe and glue it on.

: Also the toilet waste is 14" from the wall. Are there toilets which are designed for 14" rather than the usual 10 or 12?

Rough-in is the distance between the finished wall and the center of the drain.

Most 14" rough toilets are really 12" bowls with a "deeper" tank that fills more of the space toward the wall.
Toto makes models that use a Unifit adapter that slides their 12" bowl 2 inches closer to the wall. This keeps the end of the toilet closer toward the wall.

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