Adding Lav to Shower/Tub drain
Posted by Lee Shuck on November 27, 2002 at 01:49:06:
I'm remodeling a small master bathroom and am investigating adding a lavatory rough in to an alcove area on a wall adjacent to the master bathroom. I'd like to connect the lavatory drain to the tile shower/tub drain using a horziontal wye line that connects to a vertical cross tee (back to back vent/waste stack shared by the tub/shower drain in the other bathroom).

I can do a revent from the lav to the vent stack above the water closet that vents to the roof. The shower/tub vent is revented to this stack as well.

Can this be done per the UPC? I did some reading and it looks like each fixture drain line may need to be connected separately.



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