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Posted by Gary on November 26, 2002 at 11:13:52:
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I concurr 100%. I'm having problems with a NEW Glacier Bay toilet I bought from Home Depot, which was problematic right from the install. Imperialistic methods of cheap labor manufacturing in 3rd world countries reap large profits but pissed off customers.ZERO quality control!! It's no wonder they can "warranty" or "stand behind" their stuff - they make such a huge profit, they can afford to replace it 5 times and still fill their pockets. Apparently, they don't give a crap about the inconvenience to customers like you or me. Had I read this posting board BEFORE I bought, it would not have been Glacier Bay, or anything from Home Depot for that matter.

: As a faucet vendor for Home Depot ( I won't say which brand ) I'm glad to hear of such problems,Glacier Bay is a tawian import P.O.S.> Home Depot sells them because they are cheap and they make a huge profit ( try 70% ). Glacier Bay does have a rep force if you can call it that, but the are rarely ever seen .You can track them down thru the RTV clerk or any management in the store. Good Luck and next time buy American!

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