New Bathroom Gurgle (Toto toilet)
Posted by Jim on November 24, 2002 at 23:51:21:
I have renovated a 1/2 bath and replaced an old Kohlet 5 gallon with a Toto Promendate 1.6 GAllon. The vanity sink has been replaced with a Porcher pedestal. The drain from the sink is 1.5" and travels about 7 feet and meets up with the toilet drain. This 3" line travels about 10 feet (sloped downward) and meets the main stack of the house, which is 76 heras old. That is were the vent is. When the toilet is flushed, I get a gurgle in the sink drain that was never there with the old toilet. Do I need to add a vent in the line between the toilet and the sink? If so, can that vent go out the side of the house, just above the foundation? The only real difference here is the flush action of the Toto...any other suggestions?



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