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Posted by John Scates on November 23, 2002 at 23:26:00:
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The simple answer: Yes.

Rather than trying to detail everything in a message, you can probably find solutions to the elevated toilet at a Home Depot or Lowes (if you have them in your area).

A word of advice on the cement board: INSIST that many, many screws are used in each board (about 24 into each) or they will not be stiff enough to keep the tile grout from cracking. Unless enough screws are used, the cement board will not "become one" with the subfloor, and it will flex too much. I had to have my floor redone twice before finally convincing my flooring guy to use enough screws, in the middle of the board, not just the perimeter. Adhesive beneath the cement board is also a good idea for added cohesion to the subfloor.

: I am planning on installing tile on my bathroom floor and I would like to tile under the toilet and vanity. While I don't believe that the increased height will be a problem with the vanity and sink plumbing, I am concerned with the added height under the toilet. I plan on laying down 3/4 inch cement board under the tile to try and stiffen the floor and I am afraid that, with all this additional height, my toilet will not sit properly and leak. Is there some sort of alteration I need to make to the toilet plumbing(flange, wax seal...) before I start? Any information would be appreciated.

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