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Posted by hj on November 22, 2002 at 08:10:28:
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It is never a good idea to connect two or more relief valve drains together, especially if the downstream pipe size is not increased to handle any simultaneous discharge. I might prefer connecting to the boiler's discharge line since it would have a lower pressure in the event of discharge and thus less chance of back flow out he BFP vent. I would not install a check valve on the discharge since it could malfunction and cause the BFP to overflow its drain.

: I'm installing a backflow preventor valve(1/2") on a new boiler. The boiler has a domestic hot water coil with a presure relief valve (3/4"). Can I connect the vent off the backflow preventor to the relief valve's drain pipe thru a metatl/metal check valve? The floor is wood and has no drains except from the a pipe from the coil's valve thru the floor leading out doors. Boiler relief valve is seperate pipe.

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