Re: Crack in toilet?
Posted by hj on November 22, 2002 at 08:06:18:
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If the toilet flushes properly, then replacement is not a "necessity" at this time, since the one pieces flush differently than a separate tank type, as long as the "float tank well" keeps the water level in the tank to its proper point. The reason it only shows up now is that before the plumber repaired it, enough water was leaking to keep the bowl full and offset the leakage.

: About a week after a plumber replaced all the parts in my toilet which is a 16 year old American Std. one piece, elongated, a different plumber noted that the water level in the bowl dropped about 1/2" shortly after flushing and it drops about 1 1/4" to a point where it stabilizes about an inch above the inlet opening. He says the toilet must be replaced notwithstanding that there is no water on the floor nor stains on the ceiling immediately below the toilet. Does his explanation make sense?

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