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Posted by Quality Water Associates on November 21, 2002 at 21:52:08:
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: How much should the pressure gauge read on a well pressure tank? I am having a problem with getting good water pressure throughout our home, an dsomeone told n
: me that I might need to add air, if this is true, where do I add it?

You have to go through a certain procedure to get this right. Run water until the pump turns on and note the water pressure on the gauge; the cut-in switch setting. Shut off the water and note the pressure when the pump stops; the cut-out setting. Those two settings are you pressure range, I.E. 20/40 psi, 30/50 psi etc.. Then turn off the power to the pump. Shut off the stop valve just past the pressure tank. Connect a hose to the drain on the pressure tank and get ready to drain all the water out of the tank, then drain it. Then find the car tire like valve stem somewhere on the tank (some are under a fairly large plastic twist off cap) or on any check valve before the tank. With a good air pressure gauge see what pressure is in the tank. You should not get any water from the valves stem and if you do, the tank�s bladder is broken and you either replace the bladder, I don�t suggest that though, or you replace the tank. If no water then the air pressure has to be 1-2 psi less than the switch cut-in pressure setting. I.E. 30/50 psi water pr., 29-28 psi air pressure with no water in the tank. If not you add air, if too much you can set the pressure switch to 1-2 psi more than the air pressure which will raise your water pressure. We can get into how to do that later. This may not be the cause of your problem but it is the place to start. The pump could be worn, you could have blockage in faucet tip aerators, on and on.

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