Re: Hot water heater pilot light.
Posted by hj on November 20, 2002 at 08:11:46:
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It is caused by you using most of the hot water in the tank and the cold water replacing it is very cold and causing the flue gases to condense and drip onto the burner until the water in the tank starts to warm up. While it is running the main flame is hot enough to evaporate it. However, once the burner shuts off, the water is hot and you should no longer have the condensation. It is possible that your flue is too long or uninsulated and the gases are condensing on it and draining down the pipe and putting the pilot light out. This is somewhat unlikely, but something to be checked since it only happens when the weather is cold.
: I have gas water heater that is about two years old and when the weather turns cold (about 40deg in San Antonio Tx) my pilot light goes out. Works fine in hot weather.I replaced the water heater because the old one had the same problem with the pilot light. I can hear a dripping sound after the burner flame shuts off. The manf. said this was normal to hear the drip.
: Have you ever heard of this and what is the cause.
: Thanks for the HELP.
: NC

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