Toilets and tubs not draining
Posted by Beth on November 19, 2002 at 13:41:55:

Tubs and toilets backing up
Author: Beth

I suspect that my sewage tank is backing up.
I began seeing a problem when my kitchen sink stopped draining two days ago. Thinking
that some grease might have clogged it, I
poured in dishwashing liquid and hot water
to break it up. This worked. However, since
then I have had both of my toilets cease to
flush (they overflow when I try to flush
them) and my two tubs don't want to drain
(one even filled up slightly with what appeared to be --gag--the contents of the
toilet from earlier in the day). Drain-o
helped the tubs start draining again (very
slowly), but the toilets still do not want
to flush. So, I need advice. It is always
a huge chore to get a plumber to my house,
and it may take a few days. What are some things I could do in the meantime to help
ease this problem, or at least not make it

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