Septic smell in upstairs of new house
Posted by Diane on November 19, 2002 at 13:18:30:
Hi, Terry,

We just moved into our new home last week and there has been a recurring septic smell coming from the
master closet and bathroom. Believe me when I tell you, IT'S STRONG! It comes and goes, though.
We thought at first the venting pipe which leaves the house right at that point was cut too low and possibly
prevailing breezes were directly the exhaust back into the ridge line vent and then it was permeating thru
the ceilings in that location. We extended the length of that pipe, but it made no difference. The plumber
we hired is of NO USE whatsoever. Claims his job was perfect and it can't be because of anything he
did. We were living in an apartment over the garage while this house was being built, and that apartment
used the same septic system. We had no problems whatsoever there, nor do we have any problems
anywhere else in the house (or outside around the tank and drainfield.) Do you have any suggestions
as to what the problem may be?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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