roots in sewer
Posted by Liz on November 18, 2002 at 15:05:25:

My sewer line has stopped up twice. The first time I had it roto rootered it stayed clear for almost two years, this time for just over one year.

I'm afraid at some point I might have to have my sewer line replaced as I have quite a few trees and shrubs near the line. The line also runs under a driveway and a privacy fence, some fruit trees, and the cleanout is set in stone. I'm looking around for a simpler, less expensive solution. I think I have a terra cotta sewer, though I'm not positive.

I'd like to know how I should proceed from here. Should i just keep having it Roto-Rootered for now and see what happens? I just did a search on the net and read up on RootX which is sold only to plumbers, which is supposed to kill the roots. It's supposed to be guaranteed to work for a year, though I would need to get the line cleared first before it's applied. Supposedly it is environmentally safe, at least they say that. I'm wondering it this is a good solution. (Here's a link to some info.)

Also, there are plumbing companies around here now who use a machine to go inside the line and break up the old sewer line and replace it without having to dig. Can anyone tell me anything about that?


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