How should I waterproof my threaded joints?
Posted by Chris, UK on November 18, 2002 at 11:08:07:
I just installed a combinatory hot water cylinder in my appartment and all the underwater joints are seeping. Not much, only about a saucer-full overnight, but it's still too much for an installation in the airing-cupboard. There are five pipe-joins. Two blanking-plugs, a hot water outlet port, a drain cock and a large hole for the heater element. I used Teflon tape wrapped round the male thread of the smaller inserts and a large fibrous gasket around the heater.

Should I dismantle each joint and remake it using more PTFE winding? How many turns/layers? Does it matter which way I turn? I'm going clockwise looking from the mating end.

Would I have done better to use a non-setting semi-liquid sealant? What kind?

My water supply is so hard it must be approaching 100percent calcite saturation, is that likely to fossilize and close up the seepage points if I just leave it for a couple of weeks?

The last point sounds like wishful thinking, but I really do have to prick out the glands in my shower head about every five to seven days and these egress holes are microscopic, worst case forms a drop about once a minute.

Please help me, I've done all the dificult part. This problem has got to be an easy one to solve.

Chris, UK

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