Re: Leaking bathtub drain stopper
Posted by John on November 18, 2002 at 09:30:56:
In response to Re: Leaking bathtub drain stopper
: Most of the time, the leaking is in the adjustment. But then like you say, I haven't understood how it holds water that well either.
: Some use a rubber drain cover for a better seal if the stopper doesn't work. Terry

Thanks for your response.

From your response I gather that at least in some cases, these stoppers have a leak that can't be fixed by adjustment. But has anyone seen a stopper of this type that had no perceptable (i.e < 1 fl. oz./minute or so) leak at all?

I'm pretty sure I have the actuating mechanism adjusted OK, and the leak is the same as when the mechanism is disconnected from the cylinder.

Someday I'll have a closer look at the internals of the tee in the plumbing store.

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