Re: How to move toilet closer to side wall
Posted by hj on November 18, 2002 at 08:03:45:
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Offset collars are designed to move the toilet forward or back. They do not do a good job of moving it sidewards, unless it the offset is in the riser, which makes it rather long, or there is a bolt retaining slot inside the offset oval, in which case it is impossible to get a good seal with the wax ring. In either case, 1 1/2" to 2" is the maximum you will get.

: I'm remodeling our 2nd floor bathroom and the toilet is too far from the side wall not giving enough room to get to the vanity. The toilet is 12" from the backwall but 25" from the sidewall and ideally I'd like to have it only 18" or 19" from the side wall but even 3 inches closer would be acceptable. I didn't want to do any major plumbing. What is the maximum distance I can move with an offset flange? The current flange is brass with 3" copper pipe coming up through it and flared/peaned over. How should I remove the flange? How can I connect an offset flange? What kind of offset flange do I need?

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