Tub Overflow
Posted by Harry Wechsler on November 17, 2002 at 23:45:50:
We have a problem with an upstairs tub leaking into the fist floor ceiling. When I first took a look I thought that we were getting splash leaking around the virtually uncaulked spout. Caulked the spout and two days later the problem was worse. This time however our six year old had filled the tub beyond the over flow. We have a WATCO overflow that has 2 small holes through the plastic body just below the cover plate retainer holes. Refilling the tub beyond the over flow revealed leakage through these two small holes. They are molded in, so must have some purpose. Can they be sealed? Are all overflows made in this manner? Is it common to get leakage in this manner? All of the other posts seem to have problems with the gasket or tightness, etc. I believe I have ruled out other sources.
Thanks for your help

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