Re: What is advisable water pressure at water heater
Posted by h on November 17, 2002 at 21:20:13:
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Your heater is rated up to 150 psi operating pressure so increasing the pressure to 75 will not create any problems with it.

: I had a new water heater installed Friday and the plumber put a pressure meter on the drain outlet and it showed 100 psi, so he recommended replacement of our house pressure reduction valve. Afterwards the pressure on the outlet was 60 psi. Problem is, now the pressure at our kitchen faucet(furthest run) and our bath shower are both dismal. The other faucets appear to be a little lower but within comfort zone. I'd like to bump the pressure up a bit, perhaps to 70 or 75 psi, but is that safe for the new heater and the rest of the plumbing system ? It's all relatively new copper.'m real envious of your Ranier trip Terry..haven't been out there since '81...nice video...

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