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Posted by Gary on November 17, 2002 at 20:02:16:
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Supply & demand,,,not very economical to stock older toilet tanks,,even less likely to find a colored one,,and the new 1.6gal tanks will not work either,,,get a current color chart of Am Stand's toilets and try to match the colors.

The toilet tank on my older American Standard toilet is cracked and is leaking.

: The number stamped on the inside of the tank is 404359. Lid dimensions are 20 1/2 x 8 1/2 at widest (not a perfect rectangle). It is an American Standard 2 piece toilet with a round bowl. The color is a beige or pink (not the cream or almond type of color). The only other numbers stamped inside are C60 and Feb 15 (no year). The house was built in 1963 but that is no guarantee that the toilet is of the same era.
: Does anyone know a source that stocks older (or used) tanks? It would save me a lot of trouble. If I replace the whole toilet, the tub and sink in that bathroom almost certainly won't match the new toilet color.
: Thanks,
: Carol

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