Re: Plumbing problem - really could use some advice
Posted by Dave on November 17, 2002 at 18:58:09:
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Gerry - can you give me a little more advice on which toilet to get. I thought all new toilets are required to be water saver units? This might be a dumb question - but are there different sizes of toilets?

: : Would a next generation tiolet with a powerflush like an UltraMax help out with this problem?

: : : We've had lots of cases where one of our toilets overflows. Had plumbers come out time and time again to check why it's overflowing with no problem ever found. Here's what we think is happening - large diameter BMs getting stuck and not flushing free of toilet.

: : : We're putting new flooring in our bathroom and the toilet has to come up for this. I don't have any problem with installing a toilet that would fix this ongoing problem. Any comments or advice would really be appreciated.

: Common problem with mandated water saver toilets and smaller styles. Make sure your replacement is not one of the above. Lot's of choices for "Al Bundy" models.

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