Re: Leaking bathtub drain stopper
Posted by Terry Love on November 17, 2002 at 14:14:17:
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Most of the time, the leaking is in the adjustment. But then like you say, I haven't understood how it holds water that well either.
Some use a rubber drain cover for a better seal if the stopper doesn't work. Terry

: Water is slowly draining from the tub when the stopper is closed. The waste and overflow is of the general type pictured in:
: although the overflow plate has Delta stamped on it.
: I have cleaned the brass cylinder (bottom item of part 7 in picture), which seems in good shape, but water still leaks past it.

: Is a slow leak typical of these types of stoppers? I must admit, I can't understand how it could work without leaking somewhat. The brass cylinder has no polymer seating surface on it (i.e. no rubber o-ring or gasket). What does it seat against inside the tee? Is there a good way to clean the seating surface inside the tee? Or is the leaking a sign of corrosion or damage, requiring replacement of the tee?

: Thanks in advance!

: FYI: The house is around 12 years old. The tub doesn't get used much (there is a separate shower). I just snaked out the drain line because it was running slow. The stopper was leaking before I snaked the line though.

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