Posted by Nicholas Geannaris on November 16, 2002 at 23:58:33:
I want to thank you in advance for reading this and hopefully providing me with some answers.

I am looking for a number to call or someone to talk with who troubleshoots for your firm. I am a homeowner in the North east, Massachusetts, with a Gas Boiler issue. As you can see I have the Teledyne Laars Energy Efficient MiniTherm JVT100C in my home. I am not sure how old it is, but runs great, up until I had some work done on my home.

I added another zone to the furnace for approx. 400sqft. There is no problem with this furnace heating the entire house, when I crank up all the zones the furnace fires up and runs great and very quiet. The problem comes into play when lets say the furnace is just concentrating on one zone, any zone, it does not have to be the new one. When a circulator pump is on to run heat to any one zone the furnace will fire up when needed but will make a horrible WATER HAMMER noise through the pipes. THERE IS NO AIR IN THE LINES, IT HAS BEEN PROPERLY PURGED! When the furnace reaches 180 degrees again it shuts down and the noise stops. The water pressure valve needle jumps all over the place when this noise is happening. The water pressure is around 18-20 lbs and the temp is set around 180 degrees.

I have been watching this for days trying to narrow down the problem, but I cant. Neither can the plumber I use.

Again it only happens when one zone is cycling on and off on it's own to maintain the room temp. If I turn another zone on as it is making the WATER HAMMER sound it disappears. I cant figure this one out!

Does anyone at Laars know about this or has anyone come across this issue in the past?????

PLEASE let me know what you think! The noise is driving me nuts.

I was told by someone else that if I live in an area that has hard water this could affect the operation of the heater and make it BANG or do something to this nature. Is that true? They said something about build up in the actual pipe in the furnace (Coils or pipe) and the reaction of water, heat, and the buildup could make noise????? They also mentioned something about an acid flush, but as well that this could hurt an older boiler! Again, what are your thoughts?

I would be grateful for ant info you can provide, and maybe even a quick fix if you have heard of this in the past!

Thank you again,

Nicholas Geannaris
Nine Delaware Avenue
Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 762 9732

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