Re: Replacing 47" shower with 60" shower/tub
Posted by hj on November 16, 2002 at 22:58:13:
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If the doorway is 29" getting the new tub unit into the room is not a factor since it will not fit. IF you could get it into the room it is not likely that you could maneuver it into place anyway. Either get a sectional unit, which are not the most attractive ones or use a conventional tub and then build the surround out of cultured marble or tile.

: I currently have a 47" shower in my master bath that I would like to replace with a new 60" shower/tub unit. The width of the room is 60" total. There is currently an offset of 13" in the room for the existing shower unit.

: My plan is to remove the existing unit....knock out the 13" offset and then install the new 60" unit.

: Everyone is telling me I am getting in over my head by wanting to attempt this myself. I don't see removing the old shower as a major deal, but I don't know alot about plumbing and wonder whether I should be attempting to install the new unit. Also....will it be an issue getting a new tub/surround unit into the room?? My door width is 29" into the room.

: ANY information or advice would be appreciated!

: Thanks, Larry

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