Pipe bursting used for residential sewer repair?
Posted by DonB on November 15, 2002 at 20:58:01:
My family has a 1955 home with Orangeburg pipe (4 inch?) to the public sewer main. As the Orangeburg is clogging every couple of years it's suspected it's collapsing.
It's a 50-60 foot straight run from the house basement to the public line. Is pipe bursting done for this sort of residential repair?
How would the cost compare to an 8-10 foot trench required across the yard with public sidewalk (and asphalt street?) for traditional replacement?
About 10 years ago a neighbor paid $4000 for traditional replacement, but I think they stopped at the edge of the public street.
There is no manhole in front of this house. Is that a problem?

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