problems connection valve body
Posted by Karen on November 15, 2002 at 09:14:35:
I am installing a new shower faucet assembly and am having some problems with it. I have sweating all connections and no leaks there. I expected some problems with the sweating of the pipes since this was my first time doing this but that all went very smoothly.

I am have a great deal of diffeculty with the connection to the shower valve body. Where it is connecting to the water supply line I have sweated a male fitting onto the pipe. I need to connect this male fitting to the Convertible tailpiece that came with the faucet kit. It is a two piece assembly that has a female tread piece about 2 inches long that you screw into the male addapter. This piece is then connected with a mounting bolt which attaches to the valve body. (the lower fitting is slipped into the upper fitting)

I can not seem to get these to pieces not to leak. I have tried teflon tape and pipe joint compound. I get leaks with both. The leaks are at the connection to the valve body and where these two piece are slipped together. One thing I have noticed with this two piece is that 1) the male fitting I sweated on does not fully screw into the one tailpiece no matter how much I tighten it. 2) that on this tailpiece piece that there is a gap of 1/8 inch between where the treads end inside the piece and were it lips out to form at straight smooth area. 3) that there is a little movement when I just place the two tailpipe pieces together.

With the tape I got a drip and with the joint compound I got a steady stream.

Any suggestions that you think would help

Thank You Karen

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