Re: Vibrating Pipes in House
Posted by Jodie Haynes on November 15, 2002 at 08:47:45:
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: The pipes in my house vibrate after I use any water source. It is most prevalent after i take a shower. I tried shutting on and off the main valve and checked the hot water heater for sediment. Any other ideas?

We also had a problem with vibrating pipes. When we bought the house we did not have central air. It seemed that the vibrating mainly happened in the summer, when it was fairly hot. The first occurance happended when a plumber was over and turned off the water supply, to install a new bath tub and shower (he didn't seem to know what was causing the sound). It seemed to be the cold water pipe that did the vibrating. You could hear the pipes throughout the house. We installed central air a year ago. The vibrating hasn't happened since. Maybe coincidence?

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