Re: Roof vent gas odor
Posted by Jodie Haynes on November 15, 2002 at 08:39:17:
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: Hi - Now I know roof vents are used to vent air to plumbing but I'm smelling the things in the front yard, back yard, back porch, etc. The house was built in '66. No plumbing issues inside- 2 full baths, kitchen, 3 plumbing roof vents - 2 smell really foul. Septic tank in back - no problems- no yard leakage. Can I put an extension pipe on the 1 ft. roof vent pipes to make them higher so the gas would dissipate easier? Thanks in advance, Laz

I did a google search on Septic Vents and found this site (a very informative site if I might add). I too am having the same issue and would love to know if something can be done. It is a bit embarrassing (not to mention unpleasant) entertaining outside when you keep getting lovely "whiffs" from the roof vents! Jodie

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