Re: Sewer Backup from Drains in my Basement ... HELP!
Posted by Lisa on November 15, 2002 at 00:43:22:
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Thanks SO much for the advice Terry! I'll check into it A.S.A.P.!! Sounds like something I might be able to tackle on my own?? :)

: Lisa,
: They make backflow devices that prevent water backup.
: You can install one at the main exit, or replace them at each location. They make newer drains that come with a floating ball check.
: Terry Love

: : I WANT A COMPLETELY DRY BASEMENT but don't know where to turn for help! I'm not a do-it-yourselfer (with the exception of light remodeling, faux finishing, etc.), so I'd like to hire someone to fix my "wet basement" problem. But who do I turn to? A plumber? And what do I ask for? I have called roto rooter, but they tell me there's nothing I can do ... I don't buy that! There must be something that can be done!

: : Here's the typical scenario ... after/during a heavy rain, the drains (mostly one drain), spews up watery sewage ... I'm pretty sure the cause is from the big root system from some big trees around my house. Can't I hire someone to just plug those pesty lil' sewage spewing holes (drains), in my basement floor? Why are they there anyway? To stop my house from flooding? Cause if that's the case ... they do no good ... they MAKE my house flood!

: :
: : Thanks in advance for any advice ... Lisa

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